Syntel NEOS 6S (4CO+0D+56E) Digital Hybrid PABX System

Syntel NEOS 6S (4CO+0D+56E) Digital Hybrid PABX System

৳ 65,000

      The Price is for 04 CO Lines & 56 Extension Lines

Neos Common Features:

  • Futuristic Technology
  • Digital PBX, completely non blocking with state of the art features which protect your investment and also save on telecommunication costs.
  • Compatible with all types of trunk lines
    • Analogue Trunk Lines
    • PRI Trunk Lines
    • GSM Trunk Lines
    • SIP Trunk Lines and SIP networking with flexibility in having any one or combination of any of the above options.
  • Supports all types of Extensions
    • Analog extension (Neophone)
    • Digital Extensions (Key Telephones System)
    • SIP extensions with third party SIP phones.
    • Softphones to give you mobility function on your PC or soft phone



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At the cutting edge of technology, the Syntel PBX under the brand name NEOS is an innovative all in one IP Ready, Digital EPABX system with GSM and PRI connectivity which can meet all your complex voice communication requirements.

The core strength of the product lies in even a layman getting enabled by the system to exploit all the benefits that are unique to NEOS alone! This is enhanced further with a true digital experience inbuilt into the basic system at no extra cost, something no other PBX in the market can truly claim to deliver today. While the end user considerations are just a small part of the entire scheme of benefits that the NEOS offers; the user organization also stands to gain not only in terms of productivity leaps but also monetary profits!

Feature List

  • Most cost-effective Voice-Over-IP Solution
  • 8 Port Auto Attendant
  • Built-in External Music Source
  • Voice Guided Menu Prompts
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Trunk & Extension Budgeting
  • Inbuilt Call Billing at no extra cost
  • Built-in Battery Backup
  • Hotel Features with Proprietary Hotel Management System Software
  • Supports Analog , Digital and IP extensions
  • Variety of KTS available
  • Supports SIP extension mobility
  • Supports all third party SIP soft clients on PC & Smartphones
  • Works as a GSM-PRI gateway, SIP-PRI gateway


Auto Attendant

Do people in your company answer the phone with a consistent greeting? Do you have a high volume of incoming calls? Either way, the Neos can handle these headaches in an efficient manner.

With your business growing, you want to leave a good impression with all the callers, many of whom could be your existing or prospective customers. The Neos-EPABX helps you efficiently manage customer queues with pre-recorded greetings and voice prompts with its auto attendant. The system is able to handle high call traffic, with all calls answered with a consistent professional greeting. It can also direct a caller to the correct extension with various voice messages as well as request a call back if the person called is not available or busy. This makes sure that you attend to all your callers without any missed calls or irate callers.


Multiple Voice Guideline Prompts

Most EPABX systems come with a host of features, that are not used regularly. Over a period of time, customers forget how to access these features. The Neos Voice Prompts will prompt you to perform context sensitive actions – such as set up conference calls, request callbacks and more: basically get to use all the features of the system. Additionally on the Neos, you can program the prompts in English or Hindi, depending on the comfort level of the user – Hindi on some users extensions and English on others. This makes the system more user-friendly and naturally preferred: as all the features of the system available at that point of time can be accessed using context-sensitive voice prompted menus.

For example: On getting a busy tone for an extension, a normal extension caller is prompted to dial 4 to request a call back, whereas a senior extension caller gets the option of “Barging-in” to the ongoing call, besides the call back option.

Many Voice Channels on One Number PRI

The main communication bottleneck for small businesses is the fact that too many incoming or outgoing calls will result in their advertised numbers kept constantly busy. This is crippling as it can mean frustrated callers and lost calls. However the Neos EPABX can handle 30 simultaneous voice call channels on a single telephone number. This is convenient for your customers who have to store/recall just one number besides eliminating all worries about your incoming lines being clogged.

Caller Line Identification based Routing

When a call comes into the system, customers can transfer themselves to the desired extension directly. This reduces delays as the caller need not wait to be transferred, besides decluttering the reception. The Neos EPABX also has a large capacity to log calls (10,000). This ensures that all call details are recorded and stored for future reference and improvement.

Auto Fax Detection

Gone are the days where you need to dedicate a telephone line to send or receive a fax. The Neos system allows all any of its lines to be used as a fax line. This saves you from shelling out additional funds for a dedicated fax line.

Music on Hold

When a potential customer is put on hold for any reason, instead of a blank unprofessional hold tone or office background noise, callers can now wait patiently to the sound of a musical tune or even to advertisements/messages which will help them better understand your products and offers.

Computer Telephony Integration

The Neos System comes with a Customer Relationship Management module that is installed on your computer. On-screen alerts give you full details of incoming and outgoing calls, allowing contact details and additional information to be stored, giving you foresight and preparedness for the call. These include:

  • Saved contact details – Address, Email, Additional Contact numbers, Incoming and Outgoing Call History, Additional Notes including status
  • Unanswered Call History by Extension
  • Call Logging with Date/Time stamps
  • Custom Call Reports – For View or Print

Call & Trunk Budgeting

This feature controls cost by restricting the user to make calls as per the budget set for that particular extension (This can be applicable to Trunk lines also). Once the set limit is crossed, the usage gets ceased automatically. However, the admin has the rights to enhance or reduce the limit as required.




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