Bosch Praesideo gets your message across, no matter what !

The Bosch Praesideo combined public address and emergency sound system is the foremost solution for situations where a fast response, absolute message clarity and unquestionable reliability are called for. With over 2000 installed systems worldwide, Praesideo is the number one choice for demanding public address and emergency voice evacuation applications. Superb sound quality, operational versatility and a program of continuous enhancements ensure Praesideo leads the market.

Digital versatility :
Bosch Praesideo is the world’s first fully digital public address and emergency sound system. The system’s unique optical network offers total freedom in system design, interference-free audio and a high level of redundancy that traditional systems cannot offer. It is fully programmable, and interfaces with other security systems.

Comprehensive system :
With 28 dynamically assigned digital audio channels, digital message management and background music (BGM) routing to a virtually unlimited number of zones, Praesideo is ideal for medium- to largescale public address and voice alarm applications. The system is IEC60849 certified and complies with all major standards for emergency evacuation.

Ensure the message gets across:
Where public safety rests on message integrity, it is essential that the system is totally reliable. Bosch Praesideo is fully supervised, and constantly monitors system control, amplifier operation, microphones, loudspeaker line integrity and individual loudspeakers. Built-in redundancy and automatic spare amplifier switching guarantees continuity.

Low cost of ownership :
Bosch Praesideo offers low cost of ownership. New or upgraded installations are highly cost effective thanks to its dual public address and voice alarm functionality, expandability, modular architecture and programmable flexibility. Furthermore, the choice in system components always leads to an optimal solution without over-specifying a system. Praesideo’s high reliability guarantees lower maintenance costs.

Digital audio quality :
Bosch Praesideo system elements are connected via an interference-free optical network, allowing equipment to be conveniently located where it’s needed. It also allows greater distances to be covered without loss of audio quality. It redefines the boundaries of quality, flexibility and reliability.

Scalable solution :
The de-centralized network architecture of Bosch Praesideo facilitates simple ‘daisychain’ inter-connections. Units can be added or removed as required for total freedom of configuration.
Better sound, more possibilities, greater distances

Uninterrupted operation :
The network can be confi gured as a ‘redundant loop’ for extra reliability. This ensures that even a physical break in the fi ber-optic cable won’t affect operation – critical for uninterrupted operation in emergency sound systems.

EVAC certified solution :
Bosch is committed to EVAC-compliant voice alarm systems that meet legislation based on the appropriate international standards and its national equivalents. Bosch Security Systems offers a total commitment to certification. Praesideo is IEC60849 and BS5839: part8 certified by the TÜV, one of Europe’s leading authorities. Furthermore, it is certified for many local evacuation standards.
EVAC compliant solution

SOLAS certified :
Bosch Praesideo is SOLAS certified, the most important international treaty concerning the safety of merchant ships.

Certified partner program :
To guarantee EVAC compliancy, installation must also be carried out according to exacting standards. Bosch runs a certified partner program with trained installers to add extra assurance that these requirements are met.

Part of an integrated security solution :
Bosch Praesideo’s open platform can communicate with third-party systems and peripherals, like building management, fire alarm, and passenger information systems.

Simplifi ed configuration :
The system is straightforward to configure and re-configure, either locally or remotely, facilitating a quick response to changes. With the Praesideo Logging software, logging information of multiple systems can be accessed for remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Logical for end-users :
The Bosch Praesideo products are easy to operate. Operators require very little explanation to competently use Praesideo. Even the biggest systems are easy to operate via a PC or touch screen using the system’s open interface.

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