Panasonic KX-TDE-600 Pure IP-PBX System

Panasonic KX-TDE-600 Pure IP-PBX System

  • Expandable Single Line Up to 992*
  • Expandable CO Line Up to 640*
  • Expandable Hybrid Line up to 160*
  • Expandable IP Proprietary Line up to  704*
  • Total number of card slot-10
    • Made in Vietnam


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Panasonic KX-TDE-600 Pure IP-PBX


The Panasonic KX-TDE Communications Platform is a robust, flexible communications system designed to offer incredible versatility for structuring your company’s communications network. Now you can build a cost-effective decentralized business tailored to meet today’s demanding business needs. The KX-TDE is engineered with features that complement today’s decentralized, mobile business environment including Stay in touch with employees that are constantly on the move or away from their desks. Networking capability using advanced IP technology, ISDN, or basic T1 services: Perfect for business with multiple locations. The TDE allows you to add cards to accommodate additional extensions, COs or features, or you can activate the system’s built-in virtual IP ports by adding licenses. The TDE’s modular design lets you expand quickly and seamlessly with the use of expansion shelves—up to a maximum of 640 CO lines and more than 1,000 extensions for even the largest, enterprise applications. TDE systems can be networked together up to 16 sites to seamlessly link all your business communications.

Offering seamlessly connectivity of your business with the world is the Panasonic KX TDE600 PBX. Helping you create multi-line networks for internal and external use, this EPABX system works on networks. Designated communication channels are created by the PBX between employees in office and clients and field agents. With its features and functions it ensures you have complete support for your business communication.
Design and Construction
The amazingly designed Panasonic KX TDE600 PBX is a great fit for any space in your office area. It features a modular chassis and interface. Available in black colour, it appears to be  very professional looking.  It has a memory storage capacity of 6 GB and features an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a clock speed of 2.6GHz to deliver top performance. You can make great use of the functions such as Redial, Call Transfer, Do Not Disturb.
The Panasonic KX TDE600 PBX can be used for a variety of functions. It can be used for direct calling, call forwarding, call distributor and related functions. This PBX system will help ease the work of the receptionist or manager and helps create a convenient connectivity network amongst all the employees.
Regardless of a power cut,  Panasonic KX TDE600 PBX will continue to function without requiring a CPU. It has an effective backup system and can detect faults well in advance. Additionally with Least Cost Routing, it also has noise cancellation, can be programmed to ring simultaneously on a cell phone number the desk phone and comes with durable, scratch and splash proof handsets!
Safety Features
Standard EPABX security of call encryption, monitoring and selective control power on call records, system updates and numbers that can be called remain. Supporting companies with geographically diverse offices, this system ensures communication on your own safe and secure network.


Panasonic KX-TDE600 Specifics

  • Max CO Lines: 640
  • Max Analog CO’s: 640
  • Max VoIP (H.323) trunks: 32
  • Max VoIP (SIP) trunks: 64
  • Max Total Extensions: 992 (1152 with DXDP)*
    *Even when Digital XDP is used, each shelf supports a maximum of 256 KX-DT300/KX-T7600 series
  • Max Analog Proprietary Extensions: 320
  • Max Single Line Telephones : 960
  • Max Digital Proprietary extensions: 640 (DT300, T7600 series)
  • Max IP Proprietary Phone extensions: 704
  • Max SIP extensions: 128
  • Multi-Cell Wireless Compatible: Yes
  • Maximum Cell Stations (Antennas): 128
  • Maximum Portable Handsets: 512
  • Direct Station Select (DSS) Consoles: 64
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 16.3″ x 16.9″ x 10.6″ (per shelf)
  • Weight: under 35 lbs (per shelf)


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