Smart Infrared Electronic Thermometer – XQ008

Smart Infrared Electronic Thermometer – XQ008

৳ 3,500

1. Fast and easy measurement
2. Precise non-contact measurement
3. The built-in laser pointer increases the target accuracy
4. Max/Min Record
5. Backlit LCD display
6. Impassivity adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0
7. Automatic measurement range selection
8. Automatic trigger off
9. Precise non-contact measurements
10. User-select able °C or°F
11. Automatic selection range and Display Resolution 0.1 C (32.18°F)
12. Automatic Data Hold & Auto Power off
13. Set Alarm value(the alarm threshold default value is 38°C(100.4°F)

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China Smart Electronic Infrared Thermometer with Ce Certificate (WW-XQ008)

Highlights Healty boby Infrared Thermometer XQ008:

1. Practical in Use: The thermometer features the instant reading and quick measurement, so you can get the reading in 1 second.

2. Practical Design: The thermometer adopts the latest algorithm with optimized temperature calibration function.

3. Fine Craft: The thermometer is accurate and reliable in use, and it features the ± 0.2 ℃ High accuracy.

4. Easy to Use: The thermometer is smart and intelligent, which features the one-button easy operation.

5. Excellent Design: The thermometer features the dual-color indicator light, which can display blue and red, and it features the fever alarm function.



Memory functions: multi functional design, can measure forehead and ear, room, object temperature.

Switching between mute and un-mute.

Switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Automatic shutdown and power saving.

LCD backlit.

Automatic shutdown.

Fever alarm function.

Measurement range:


Forehead: 32.0 ° C–42.9 ° C (89.6 ° F–109.2 ° F)

Object: 0 ° C–100 ° C (32 ° F–212 ° F)

Measuring accuracy:

Forehead mode: ± 0.2 ℃ / ± 0.4 ° F

Object mode: ± 1.0 ° C / 1.8 ° F

Low fever: 37.4 ℃ ≦ T ≦ 37.9 ℃ ° (99.3 ° F–100.3 ° F)


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