MCD-300 Archway Walkthrough Metal Detector

MCD-300 Archway Walkthrough Metal Detector

৳ 70,000

Brand   : MCD

Model   : MCD-300

Origin   : China

Assemble : China

Detection Zone: 6


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·          Improved digital and analog circuit designed to insure the performance is more stable and reliable 

·          Using high quality alloy and special materials, it has waterproof, fireproof and shockproof function 

·           With LED in the front of door for displaying the place of metal detected 

·           Sound and light alarm at the same time with adjustable sound volume 

·          Sensitivity of very zone can be adjusted independently 

·           With Intelligent traffic system and alarm counter 

·          Password-protected, just allowing the professional to operate 

·           Improved loop to reduce interference and eliminate blind spots

·          Based on the operating system of digital information processing technology 

·          Adjustable digital frequencies to enable multiple security doors work at the same time 


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