Bosch LB2-UC15 15-Watt Premium-Sound Cabinet Loudspeaker Range

Bosch LB2-UC15 15-Watt Premium-Sound Cabinet Loudspeaker Range

৳ 11,500

Model: LB2-UC15

  • For Speech, Foreground/Background Music
  • Suitable For Use Indoors & Outdoors
  • Selectable 8 ohm/70 V/100 V Inputs
  • Includes Dual-Orientation Bracket


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Bosch LB2-UC15 overview

The Bosch LB2-UC15 15-Watt Premium-Sound Cabinet Loudspeaker Range is designed for use both indoors and outdoors. The speaker’s clear sound is suitable for both background and foreground music as well as for speech. In addition to a standard vertical installation, the speaker can be easily mounted in a horizontal position for greater placement flexibility. For convenience, the included mounting bracket can be rotated for horizontal installations.

  • High-fidelity music and speech reproduction
  • Selectable 8 ohm, 70 V and 100 V inputs
  • Compact yet robust ABS enclosure
  • Supplied with adjustable mounting bracket
  • Complies with international installation and safety regulations

Certifications & Approvals

All Bosch loudspeakers are designed to withstand operating at their rated power for 100 hours in accordance with IEC 268‑5 Power Handling Capacity (PHC) standards. Bosch has also developed the Simulated Acoustical Feedback Exposure (SAFE) test to demonstrate that the speakers can withstand two times their rated power for short durations. This ensures extra reliability under extreme conditions, leading to greater customer satisfaction, longer operating life, and much less chance of failure or performance deterioration

Bosch LB2-UC15 specs

Power Maximum: 22.5 W
Rated: 15 W
Power Taps 15 / 7.5 / 3.75 / 1.9 W
Sound Pressure 98/86 dB
Frequency Range 95 Hz to 19.5 kHz (effective)
Angle of Coverage Horizontal: 179° / 101°
Vertical: 168° / 135°
Input Voltage 11/70/100 V
Impedance 8 / 326 / 667 ohm
Transducer Woofer: 4.0″ (10.16 cm)
Dome Tweeter: 0.51″ (1.3 mm)
Connection 78.8″ (2.0 m) 2-wire cable
General Attributes
Color Charcoal
Temperature / Humidity Operating Temperature: -13 to 131 ºF (-25 to 55 ºC)
Storage Temperature: -40 to 158 ºF (-40 to 70 ºC)
Relative Humidity: <95%
Dimensions (H x W x D) 8.07 x 5.35 x 4.6″ (20.5 x 13.6 x 11.7 cm)
Weight 4.18 lb (1.9 kg)


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